Negligence is a Factor in a Brain Injury Lawsuit

In May 2017, a Seattle firefighter sued Puget Sound Energy, or PSE, because he was allegedly knocked out by the force of the Greenwood natural-gas explosion. This according to the Seattle Times.   In the lawsuit filed in May, the firefighter claimed he was... read more

Proving Liability in a Seattle Motorcycle Crash

In late April 2017, a Renton man was critically injured in a Seattle motorcycle accident, according to Seattle Patch. The accident happened in South Seattle just prior to 7 p.m. that day. The 26-year-old man was allegedly hit by an impaired driver of an SUV. According... read more

Is Washington an At-Fault Car Accident State?

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Statute of Limitations for a Personal Injury Claim

Each state in the nation maintains a set of laws referred to as statutes of limitation. These statutes govern how much time can pass before a legal action can be taken, and states maintain both civil and criminal statutes of limitation. If you are injured in the state... read more

Can I Recover Punitive Damages in My Personal Injury Claim?

There are a number of different types of damages that plaintiffs may seek as part of a personal injury suit. These damages include damages for economic losses – like medical bills and lost wages – as well as non economic losses, such as compensation for... read more

How Do Comparative Negligence Laws Affect My Claim?

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Immediately Following a Personal Injury Accident

Thinking about all of the things that you need to do after you have been injured isn’t fair; rather than focusing on a list of tasks, you should be able to focus on recovering and getting the treatment that you need.   Unfortunately, failing to pay attention to... read more