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When E-Scooters Crash, Who is Liable?

In 2018, many companies, including Lime, Bird and Spin, began to roll out motorized scooter rentals throughout the U.S. Currently, it is believed that 8 people have died from e-scooter related accidents and over 1,500 have been injured. Before you... Read More

How You Can Recover Your Full Deductible

You’ve just been in a crash and the other party (the third party) doesn’t have insurance or denies liability. As a result, you make a claim under your own automobile insurance for your property damage. The problem is, you have to pay a deductible,... Read More

Hire a Seattle Whiplash Attorney Today

If you’ve sustained a whiplash injury in an auto accident, you might not have any symptoms when you first walk away from the site of the accident. That’s why it’s always important to seek medical care if you’ve been injured... Read More

Working with a Seattle Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorney

A traumatic brain injury can occur when you least expect it in Seattle. When you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to retain legal counsel immediately. A Seattle traumatic brain injuries attorney from Gosanko... Read More