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Catastrophic Injuries in Seattle

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Catastrophic Injuries Attorney Seattle Washington

If you’ve succumbed to a catastrophic injury at the hands of another negligent and inattentive individual, then you may be entitled to compensation. It may prove to your benefit to discuss your claims and case with the accomplished, proficient, and competent attorney team of Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC.

Proudly serving Seattle as well as Seattle’s Metropolitan area, the award-winning attorney team at Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC will work to not only hear your claims, but structure a sound catastrophic injury case for you!

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can include but aren’t limited to traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, injuries leading to permanent deformities or amputations, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, limb and neck injuries, and more.

According to the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA): “A catastrophic event is defined in CPL 02-00-094 (2.94) as an occupationally related incident involving multiple fatalities, extensive injuries, massive toxic exposures, extensive property damage, or one which presents potential worker injury…”

The effects of catastrophic injuries can seem unbearable. You may be left with burns that require skin grafting and intense treatments. Or your catastrophic accident resulted in your legs requiring amputation. Perhaps your catastrophic injuries include brain injuries which have now led you to seek treatment for severe headaches, vertigo, physical imbalances, or the inability think or operate within the realms of daily life effectively and efficiently. You may now even require placement into a facility that must assist with your daily activities.

Catastrophic injuries are usually classified as injuries that permanently impair in an individual from performing work, operating on a daily basis, and enjoying a stable and satisfactory quality of life.

When you fall victim to a catastrophic accident at the hands of another individual who has caused you permanent and irreversible harm and injury, you need a catastrophic lawyer team who will devote their time and energies to you as well as uphold the law and aggressively fight for you!

Seeking compensation for your catastrophic injuries is an endeavor you are entitled to and the law firm of Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC stands ready to assist.

The Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC Difference For Your Seattle Catastrophic Injuries Case

When you choose to seek compensation for your catastrophic injuries, you’re seeking to stand up for your rights in the face of adversity. Your life has been permanently altered due to the mistakes or carelessness of another individual and/or entity.

You therefore deserve to hold the careless individual or party responsible for your physical pains, hurts, and permanent limitations and damages.

The law firm of Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC is comprised of award-winning attorneys and legal professionals who have the experience and track record of success to fight for you, no matter what.

With decades of experience and the tenacity to fight for your rights, the legal experts at Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC want to show you why they are known as “Seattle’s preferred personal injury practice.”

So, contact Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC for your catastrophic injury case!