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When E-Scooters Crash, Who is Liable?

In 2018, many companies, including Lime, Bird and Spin, began to roll out motorized scooter rentals throughout the U.S. Currently, it is believed that 8 people have died from e-scooter related accidents and over 1,500 have been injured. Before you... Read More

How You Can Recover Your Full Deductible

You’ve just been in a crash and the other party (the third party) doesn’t have insurance or denies liability. As a result, you make a claim under your own automobile insurance for your property damage. The problem is, you have to pay a deductible,... Read More

Negligence and a Victim’s Injury in a Truck Accident

According to a June 2017 article in Patch, Seattle police are looking for a semi-truck driver involved in an accident that injured a driver.   The accident happened early on a Thursday morning along I-5 and near Seneca Street. A 60-year-old... Read More

Collecting Damages when a Victim is at Fault

According to a KOMO, in March 2017, two teenage boys were injured in a car wreck. The wreck left the car the boys were in wrapped around a tree in South Seattle. The accident happened in the 1000 block of South Cloverdale Street around 2 a.m. It... Read More

Legal Duty in a Seattle Car Accident

In March 2017, a two-vehicle crash sent one of the vehicles into a gas pump and triggered a fire, according to Q13FOX. The accident happened in North Seattle at a Shell station on Holman Road NW. The two cars slammed into each other shortly before... Read More

How to Handle a Seattle Bicycle Accident

In October 2016, a 50-year-old man was severely injured while riding his bicycle in Seattle, according to the Seattle Pi.  He suffered life-threatening injuries in what was described by the Seattle Fire Department as a “bike/car accident.” It... Read More