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A catastrophic injury is a kind of injury that changes a person’s life forever. Spinal cord or severe brain injuries are examples of catastrophic injuries. This type of injury means that not only will medical care and rehabilitation be ongoing and possibly lifelong, but that the very structure of a life is changed, and the victim of the injury may never be able to work again, may need a wheelchair to get around, or may even be paralyzed. They may not be able to care for themself or their family. The injury affects everyone in his world – his spouse, his children, his friends, his employer, and everyone who depended upon him.  Hiring a catastrophic injuries attorney in Seattle like one from the Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC law firm is important because it ensures that the victim will get compensation that is fair and just. We understand all personal injury laws in the State of Washington and can uphold them in all legal proceedings and litigation.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

When there is a catastrophic injury, there are many tangible and measurable losses, as well as emotional pain and anguish. Besides the medical expenses, which can amount to millions of dollars by themselves, there is the cost of rehabilitation and assistive devices, the cost of altering a home to accommodate a disabled person, and the cost of a lost career or the ability to work at all. Other losses and compensation can be related to loss of consortium, to disfigurement, to the compromise of a parent-child relationship, and pain and emotional suffering. The victim of a catastrophic injury is often overwhelmed by all that has happened and dealing with insurance companies is an added burden. That’s why seeking the aid of a catastrophic injuries attorney in Seattle, Washington is imperative.

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