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In March 2017, a two-vehicle crash sent one of the vehicles into a gas pump and triggered a fire, according to Q13FOX.

The accident happened in North Seattle at a Shell station on Holman Road NW. The two cars slammed into each other shortly before 8 p.m. One of the vehicles involved in the crash traveled about 35 feet and slammed into a gas pump and caused a fire.

Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire after they arrived on the scene.

According to investigators, a 60-year-old rideshare driver operating a Nissan allegedly hit a Honda traveling north on Holman Rd. The rideshare driver had a passenger in his vehicle at the time of the crash.

The impact sent the Honda sideways and into a tree. The Honda was split into two as the result of the impact. The driver was rushed to Harborview Medical Hospital. They had life-threatening injuries.

The passenger in the ride sharing vehicle was taken to the same hospital for non-threatening injuries. The rideshare driver was not injured.

The report did not include information on whether police would cite the rideshare driver or file criminal charges for allegedly hitting the Honda. The outcome of the driver and passengers are not known either. Both parties injured in the March accident may have the right to sue for damages related to their injuries.

Car accident victims wanting to sue a driver for causing their injuries may have to prove their claim in court. Even if they settle, they have to provide proof of the driver’s wrongdoing to obtain a fair settlement.

What is Legal Duty in a Seattle Car Accident Case?

Legal duty is the responsibility a person has to prevent harming another individual or damaging property while completing a task. For instance, a driver has the legal duty to prevent harming another individual or damaging property while operating a motor vehicle. Legal duty gives a car accident the right to sue if the person causes harm.

How Does Legal Duty Work to Prove a Driver Liable in a Seattle Car Accident Case?

Legal duty is a contract between the responsible party and the car accident victim. If the driver travels to their destination without harming anyone, they have met their legal duty. However, if they cause an accident and harm someone or damage property, they have breached their legal duty. The victim can now sue the driver for causing their injuries.

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Legal duty and breach of legal duty are the first two steps in a successful personal injury case. A car accident victim must connect the driver’s negligence to their injuries and then present damages. It may seem complicated, but it is not. We will explain your case and how proceed. Contact Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC today about getting the money you need to cover damages like lost wages, property damage and medical bills.