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At the law offices of Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC, we have helped dozens of clients recover the compensation to which they are entitled. While recovery is always a good thing, sadly, this also means that we have worked with countless victims of tragic accidents, ranging from dog bites to car accidents to slip and falls and more.


While an accident that changes your life could happen at any second, some types of accidents are more common than others, and may be possible to avoid with safe behavior. Consider these top causes of personal injuries in Washington, and some tips for staying safe:


Car Accidents


Car accidents continue to be a leading cause of injury and death in Washington every year. To be sure, the Washington Department of Transportation reports that in the year 2014, a crash occurred every five minutes in the state, and that every 11 minutes, a person was injured in a crash. That year, there were 107,634 total collisions.


To reduce your chances of being in a car accident, always drive sober, when well rested, and while aware – put away distractions! Follow the speed limit, know your route, and don’t give into aggressive driving tendencies.


Slips, Trips, and Falls


Slips, trips, and falls are another top cause of injury in Washington and throughout the United States on a yearly basis. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every year, millions of people over the age of 64 are treated in emergency room departments for falls, and that over 80,000 elderly patients per year are hospitalized because of a fall injury. In Washington state, there were 21,172 nonfatal injury hospitalizations from falls reported in 2013, as reported by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH).


While falls cannot always be prevented, wearing the proper footwear for a given situation, using handrails and railings, and always paying attention to where you are walking can help to prevent a slip and fall. For older people, ensure that they are assisted when moving about, especially if living with a disabling health condition.




Unintentional poisoning incidents resulting in hospitalization are quite common. In fact, in the state of Washington, there were more than 15,000 nonfatal hospitalizations from unintentional poisoning incidents reported in the state over a five-year period (source: Washington State DOH, cited above). This is also a leading cause of injury amongst children. This may happen because a person takes too much medication, takes a medication mistakenly, or accidentally ingests another poisonous substance.


Reading labels and keeping drugs and other toxins out of children’s reach is the best way to preventing poisoning injuries.


Our Attorneys Are Here to Help You


Regardless of the type of accident in which you have been involved, leading to your injuries, you deserve to be represented by an experienced legal professional. Our personal injury lawyers in Seattle can review your case and provide you with an overview of the personal injury claims process, and what your claim may be worth, at your earliest convenience. To schedule your free consultation, please contact us today.