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If you’ve sustained a whiplash injury in an auto accident, you might not have any symptoms when you first walk away from the site of the accident. That’s why it’s always important to seek medical care if you’ve been injured in any way in a vehicle crash.   Emergency room physicians see many auto accident victims and are trained to recognize a whiplash injury when one is present, so get seen by one and be sure you have documentation of the injury, as it may cause you to have pain for years to come.  File a claim with your insurance company, and when they try to get you to settle for a low amount of compensation, hire a Seattle whiplash attorney like the Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC law firm to be your advocate today.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck strain injury that is often caused by automobile accidents in which the head is quickly jerked forward and backward, causing tears and damage to the tendons and muscles of the neck. There may not be much pain at first, but this can change right away, leading to decreased range of motion or pain when trying to look around or move your head.  There can also be headache or pain and numbness in the arm or shoulder. Whiplash injuries can sometimes cause chronic pain or neck instability that lasts for years and requires lengthy or extensive treatment. This is why it makes sense for someone with a whiplash injury from an auto accident to file a personal injury lawsuit with an expert firm like the Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC law firm of Seattle, Washington.

Speak to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer for Legal Advice in Seattle

If you’ve been in an automobile accident and you suspect that your neck has been injured, speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer for legal advice in Seattle, Washington today.  At the Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC law firm, an initial consultation to evaluate your case is free.  Call us at 206-275-0700 and let us represent you as you make your insurance claim.