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It can be devastating to discover that your elderly loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of those meant to care for them at the nursing home. Unfortunately, such tragic happenings are not rare. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, “one in three U.S. nursing homes were cited for violations of federal standards that had potential to cause harm or that had caused actual harm to a resident.” Even more, 44% of residents claimed they had been abused and 95% had stated they experienced neglect or saw another resident being neglected.

Whether it was intentional or systemic abuse and neglect caused by poor policies, your loved one deserves to receive justice and compensation for the abuse they were subjected to. With the help of a Seattle nursing home negligence attorney, the abuse can be investigated and the right avenues for compensation explored.

The details of nursing home abuse

The state of Washington has laws addressing the abuse of vulnerable adults, including those who reside in nursing homes. Particularly, the state defines abuse as “any injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment.”

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, there are various types of abuse that can occur, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Gross neglect
  • Resident to resident abuse

What a Seattle nursing home abuse attorney can do

We know that the knowledge that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect where they were meant to be cared for can be an overwhelming and difficult situation to manage. You do not have to fight these deplorable behaviors alone.

The process of pursuing legal action against a nursing home for abuse or negligence can be complex and hard to understand. Working with an experienced Seattle nursing home abuse lawyer can not only make things easier for you but also up your chances of success. With their expertise and resources, the attorney can thoroughly investigate the abuse, obtain the evidence necessary, and fervently follow the best steps to achieving justice and the deserved compensation.

If you believe that a loved one is being neglected or abused in or by a nursing home, swiftly reach out to our team of expert nursing home negligence attorneys at Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC. We are here and ready to listen to your concerns, answer any questions about the legal situation ahead, and fight for justice. Call us today at 206-275-0700 to set up a free consultation.