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Any driver or passenger runs the risk of being involved in a car accident when they hit the road. Whenever this occurs, it is important to stay calm and take certain actions in order to keep you and others safe, protect your rights, and help your personal injury case in the event that you need to pursue one. Keep reading to learn about five main steps to take after a Seattle car accident.

Take these steps after a car accident

  1. Pull over and away from oncoming traffic (if possible), turn off your car, turn on hazard lights, and check drivers and passengers for injury. If possible, help anyone who needs assistance and call an ambulance if necessary.
  2. Dial 9-1-1 if the accident caused significant property damage, injury, or death. The police should file a report on the crash and medical personnel should arrive to give all parties the medical attention they need. Do not leave the scene until the authorities declare it is okay to do so.
  3. Gather information and evidence. Take photos and videos of the scene, including the vehicles, any property damage, and physical injuries. If you can, collect the names, numbers, and insurance information of the drivers involved, as well as the contact information of any witnesses.
  4. Keep conversations to a minimum. Besides the exchanging of information, refrain from arguing, apologizing for the accident, or dismissing health concerns. Only discuss the accident with the police if they ask questions. Your words may be twisted in court against you, so it is best to avoid any discussions of fault until you have a legal advisor on your side.
  5. Research your legal options. To avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies or sued by other parties, it can be critical to talk to an experienced car crash accident attorney. An attorney can provide information and protect your rights, while also fighting for compensation for any injuries or damages that you have occurred.

Call our Seattle injury attorneys as soon as possible

Our team of legal specialists here at Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC understand that a car accident can be a traumatic and awful event. We are here to alleviate the situation by providing you expert legal advice and representation so that you can come out of the ordeal with your rights protected and the compensation that you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today by calling 206-275-0700.