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A new distracted driving bill has gone into effect. The new measure bans holding any handheld devices while driving. This means a GPS, tablet, cell phone or any other electronic device cannot be in someone’s hand while they’re on the road. You also cannot hold it while at a red light. At Gosanko, O’Halloran, Lepore PLLC, we represent injured victims who have been hurt during a distracted driving accident. We understand this law and all laws that pertain to these cases and can represent you and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Can I still use my phone in my car?

You can use your phone to navigate or play music, but you cannot hold it while using them. Minimal use of a finger on a device for a quick tap to start or stop a function is allowed. If you’re a passenger in a vehicle, you’re allowed to use a phone.


The first time someone is found breaking this law, they are given a fine of $136. The second offense will cost them $235. Additionally, if a driver causes an accident because of this offense, they will receive points on their record and can even face criminal charges if they seriously injured someone. This makes it important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer from our Seattle, WA law firm to represent you when you’ve been hurt in this type of accident.

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