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Being involved in an auto accident can be traumatic and stressful. Even more devastating is when the accident results in physical injuries, which may not impact the victim at the moment but affect their life in the long term. The worst part? It may not have even been the victim’s fault.

If an accident occurred due to another party’s actions (or inaction), then anyone who has been injured in that incident has the right to be compensated for their damages. Injuries may result in medical expenses, lost wages, and more, all of which can and should be covered by the party responsible for the accident.

The big question here is who is responsible for these damages?

The state of Washington’s negligence laws

Washington is a pure comparative negligence state, meaning that a person who is at fault for causing an accident that results in damage is responsible for that damage. However, the big thing is that the proportion of fault is considered.

So, for example, let us say that John has suffered $100,000 in damages and sues Jane for it. Jane, though, is found to be only 70% responsible for the accident. As a result, John will only recover 70% of the damages from Jane, totaling $70,000.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Seattle

Because insurance companies tend to be better suited to compensate for damages, it is recommended that victims of an accident pursue an insurance claim before filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, it is highly recommended that you consult with an accident attorney before doing so. Insurance companies may not always give you the maximum compensation you deserve, so it is always best to have a legal expert by your side that can ensure you are not being taken advantage of.

If you want to go directly to filing a lawsuit against an at-fault party, then your attorney is also your best resource and partner throughout this complicated process. Consider consulting with a Seattle attorney with extensive experience with auto accidents and personal injury cases. Just a single conversation can help you get a better understanding of your case and inform you of your next course of action.

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